“Quiet” time- part 1

In the past few weeks, God has been stressing to me the imporance of being still and quiet to listen for the answers we are fervently searching for and the relationship we are desperately seeking. Two close friends of mine (in completely different instances) pointed out to me that it’s called “quiet time” for a reason. 

Of course! We know this, but how often do we sit down and rest in His presence? How often do we LISTEN? Who is doing most of the talking in your relationship with God? 

Personally, I had been longing for a connection with God that I had felt I had been missing for a while. In my head, I was expecting something huge and extravagant from God, but He had something different in mind. I started the Daniel Fast in order to find what I was looking for. (Side note: I learned that God definitely works through sacrifice, so if you need a breakthrough in your relationship with Christ, fasting is a fantastic way to get priorities straight.) 

I found myself becoming frustrated throughout the fast, because I wasn’t getting what I selfishly wanted out of it. Finally, I shut up. I sat back and I listened. God revealed to me that it did not have to be huge and extravagant. The breakthrough was found in the relationship. My relationship with Christ needed to be strengthened. We needed to spend time with each other. 

It was not the situations in my life that needed to change, it was the way I responded to them and the way I responded to my God. 

God definitely wants to hear what’s on your heart and he wants you to speak to Him, but the answers come, when you are quiet. 

Over a course of three days being in His presence, I felt closer to God than I had felt in a long time. It was not in the flashes of lightning and roaring thunder; it was in the simplicity of knowing Him.  

This word “quiet” has been an overwhelming revelation in my life that has affected more than just my relationship with God, but also my relationship with my spouse and the people around me. Check back for part 2!! 

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