How are you filling your time?

Read: Luke 10:38-42

This passage takes place in the home of Mary and Martha. We see 2 very different personalities. Martha was busy serving and taking care of the guests that were in her home. She was frustrated with her sister Mary, who sat and listened to Jesus while Martha was doing all the “work”.

We can see that Martha believed she was the one doing the right thing, but when she brought her concerns to Jesus, he described her as anxious. Instead of reprimanding Mary for her lack of service, He commended her.

In this situation, Jesus wasn’t praising laziness, He was looking at the status of their hearts.

Martha was filled with anxiety about things being perfect. Although the things she was doing may have been good, her heart and mind weren’t set on what was most important. Mary, on the other hand, sat at Jesus’ feet. She desired quality time and a relationship with Jesus.

In our day to day life, God is looking at our heart. There are many things we could be doing, but “one thing is necessary” (v.52)

The intent for these devotionals is to “sit at the feet of Jesus” I want to learn what the Word has to say and to spend quality time with Him.

Are you filled with anxiety “trying” to do what you think you should instead of diving deeper in a relationship with Jesus?

What are some things that you are filling your time with that might not be “necessary”.


Lord, I want to sit at your feet. I want to learn more about You and get closer to You everyday. Forgive me for filling my time with unnecessary things. Help me to prioritize spending time in the Word and prayer. I pray that there would be less of me and more of You.

In Jesus Name


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